Mrs. Michel Green, Channel/Intuitive

I want to share with you the depth of healing Lambert has brought me through his sessions. When I was uncertain of my next steps, experiencing anxiety and tension, he brought me to a state of calm where I could release my distress and regain the balance I need to do my best work. When I was experiencing physical pain and limited range of motion, his gentle energy treatment brought immediate and dramatic relief of the pain accompanied by a tremendous acceleration of physical healing - but the greatest benefit is the sensation of serenity and inner peace that comes from his commitment and dedication to bringing in healing from Devine Source in such a clear, compassionate and non-judgemental way. I am always careful about whom I trust as a healer; I am very grateful and blessed to be able to trust him and access the healing he brings in. I am delighted and honoured to recommend Lambert Bordeaux to those seeking healing in body, mind, heart and/or spirit.

Melissa Artaga (Scottsdale, Arizona)

I will say that the blessings you gave me has continued to serve me and the world around me. I am still feeling amazing - no debilitating pain at all. Your work has been one of the most helpful things I have ever been blessed with. I am connecting more with my classes and able to keep up the energy for myself. I have been noticing my thoughts are free of so much judgment and my heart feels light. I catch myself thinking silly judgmental thoughts, that donʼt count for anything good and I can let them go so fast. My attitude is cheery and I seem to be even more positive than normal. LIfe is fantastic!


Yes, free and clear for 11 days now! I feel great since the last session, and I believe it really helped to expedite some of my healing. I need less sleep, and within a few days of seeing you the 'crackle' in my chest was gone and I can now take long, deep breaths without a struggle. I just arrived home from seeing Martha for a massage and I was telling her that I feel a bit strange in my own body and in mind right now. Being a smoker was part of my identity for the past 24 years and so I am now going through the discovery process of who I am now, as someone who is free from addiction. I'm looking very forward to experiencing the new me! :) Thank you again for all of your help and I look forward to seeing you soon.