Spiritual Portraits of the Energy Release Points by Michele Gervais
Lessons from the Energy Release Points
I had a very vivid dream. Upon waking, I had felt a constriction in my back. I consulted Michele
Marie Gervais’ book Spiritual Portraits of the Energy Release Points and the Energy Release
Point that was drawn to me was Door of Infants. I was astounded as to the appropriateness of
the lesson. Having released the energetic block of the Energy Release Point using the
invocation written in her book, I now have a much lighter, more effortless relation with my back.
Elisabeth Scholtz

Not only is this book, Spiritual Portraits of the Energy Release Points AMAZING, it is very
comprehensive. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.

Soundtouch therapy

I came into Michele Marie’s office, not knowing what to expect with Soundtouch therapy. I have
been dealing with chronic hip pain that chiropractics and physio had not made much difference.
After my first session, the pain was considerably reduced. I am very pleased with the results –
being pain free definitely helps with my physio exercises!


I LOVE the vibrational healing soap….it is like being in an energy cocoon. Plus the soap bar
lasts for a long time

Certified Course

Our shaman course has really opened my eyes to my nature spirits and supports…..I asked to
go to the healing temple in my dreamtime last night to help heal my control/gut issues. And just
now a bear walked by on the lawn! “The spirit of the bear indicates it’s time for healing or using
healing abilities to help self or others” thank you!

Bath Salts

Just used some of my “Release” bath salts after a bike ride with the kids…and they’re so
amazing! I got some interesting messages too. The biggest message was that I carry the
weight (physically and emotionally) of my family. To release it and be free to be who I am and
who I want to be. Very empowering. Thank you!”

Vibrational Healing Mists

I had no idea that I wasn’t in my body, I never really knew what grounding meant until I sprayed
the vibrational healing mist “Grounding”. I literally felt like there was an elevator moving down to
to the main floor in my body. It felt all the way to my feet! Wow. I felt totally focused and present.
It was amazing.