Lessons from the Energy Release Points

I had a very vivid dream. Upon waking, I had felt a constriction in my back. I consulted Michele Marie Gervais’ book Spiritual Portraits of the Energy Release Points and the Energy Release Point that was drawn to me was Door of Infants. I was astounded as to the appropriateness of the lesson. Having released the energetic block of the Energy Release Point using the invocation written in her book, I now have a much lighter, more effortless relation with my back.

Elisabeth Scholtz

Not only is this book, Spiritual Portraits of the Energy Release Points AMAZING, it is very comprehensive. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.


I came into Michele Marie’s office, not knowing what to expect with Soundtouch therapy. I have been dealing with chronic hip pain that chiropractics and physio had not made much difference. After my first session, the pain was considerably reduced. I am very pleased with the results – being pain free definitely helps with my physio exercises!