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5 Strategies for Positive Family Gatherings

Thanksgiving weekend in Canada marks the beginning of family celebrations and the added stress of work and school commitments as well as extra-curricular activities can tend to bring on feelings of overwhelm, stress and fatigue.  It is so important to take care of yourself during this busy season and here are some strategies to help.
  1. Focus on the positive and BE positive around the experiences that you enjoy.  Sometimes stress can bring to mind unpleasant memories from past family gatherings - counteract this with 3 positive memories as well as 3 gratitudes of the present moment.  The practice of consistently maintaining positive thoughts assist in creating a positive reality.
  2. Allow yourself to let go of the past.  It is not unusual to be triggered by certain family members, ex-spouses or partners. (Especially when children and custody agreements are part of your life)  When this happens remember that today is a new day.  Things have the potential of going very well, especially when you expect things to go well. By letting go of past wrongs, you are saying that they cannot hurt you anymore.  You are standing in your own self empowerment.
  3. Expect positivity however have realistic expectations.  If it is your turn to host the family meal, then let it be what works for you.  From the menu on - do what fits in your budget, and tickles your taste buds. If big dinners are your thing with your best china then enjoy every aspect of it and do not be disappointed if things do not go as planned.  Family meals are for good laughs, welcoming atmosphere and company, however they can go sideways  if the importance is on perfection. 
  4. Ask for help when you need it (and even if you don’t).  Many times we juggle so many tasks that we think that we can squeeze more in.  Take your time and breathe.  Decide what is important and a priority.  The rest is not necessary - or in the very least it can be something to delegate.   Include family members in the planning, everyone participates and everyone then becomes responsible in the creation of something memorable.
  5. Self Care is essential as well as stick to a routine as much as possible - it is too easy to let busy come in and rule the household.  You are always the priority.   As much as possible stick to your eating, sleeping and exercising routine.  Make time for yourself so that you can stay peaceful and grounded.  
These are just a few strategies to put in place.  Do you have strategies that work for you? Please share below.