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Spring Equinox, renewal and rebirth

Enter the time of Spring Equinox.  The time of renewal and rebirth.  It is for most a fiery energy of action, of movement,  as well as the fruition of seeds planted during the last few weeks.  Equinox is not the beginning of the spring season, it is the height of spring.  It is the energy necessary to propel us towards the energy of an active summer culminating with solstice.  So how does one effectively use this energy to help manifest and co-create life? Equinoxes always signal a chance for change and for renewal, taking the nourishment from the previous cycle. Equinoxes also are a powerful time to connect to the grounding qualities of Earth to anchor in your new visions and dreams.  The anchoring of the energy allows you to firmly plant yourself into the ground and draw into your body the vitality and freshness of the Spring growth.  Grounding into the Earth allows your to firmly walk towards the new goals that you have set for yourself. Connecting to the energy of Spring is like connecting to a seed thought and giving yourself permission to feel freedom, and to express your idea and weave it into a new picture, or  a new expression, ultimately creating a new and joyful reality. Take advantage of what we find in nature.  Spring is characterized by wind, use wind to release discordant and stressful energy.  Open your windows, allow breezes to flow into and through your home.  Spend time outdoors and visualize worries being carried away on the wind.  The light of the sun will transform the stress and discord, much the same way that the ancients used fire in a ceremony or ritual to surrender something that needed to be unloaded.  Celebrate this newness, observe new life, hatching of dreams, celebrate the rebirth of nature.  All is in expansion. What part of you is being reborn? Honor it!

Full moon in Cancer January 2017

The energies of full moon in January 2017 will bring forward qualities of the Cancer sign. While this is most beneficial for those who are born in this zodiacal sign, it can feel like an emotional roller coaster for those who are not. The Cancer sign at its best is ultimate feminine energy. Feminine energy as represented by the goddess Isis. An energy that is receptive, sensitive, imaginative, kind and highly intuitive. Feminine energy can be seen as the seed of unlimited potential just waiting for the masculine energy to spark the seed into full manifestation. It is the source of creativity. The potential of all that will rebirth. The language of a Cancer moon is expressed with “I Feel”. In this full moon, there will be a large push to “Feel”. The energy of this moon in Cancer can be intense and as such can greatly influence the uncovering of hard to look at emotions and truths. One can feel more vulnerable and exposed. Emotions and truths which have been deeply and darkly hidden, will seem to rise to the surface and be poked by those around you. Have courage, for the once emotions are honestly dealt with, the power of this full moon gives you tools to embrace truth which will allow you to accept, heal and rebirth. So how does one stay in balance when there is such powerful energy swirling about? Here are a few suggestions: Using essential oils such as those found in our vibrational healing products such as Courage (Horus) and Rebirth (Isis). Receiving body work such as Soundtouch therapy. Listening to some beautiful music while drawing, colouring or painting. Writing out a gratitude list and adding to it daily. Journaling. If you do not know how or where to start with a journal, start with “how do I feel today?” Explore the emotion. Then explore some of the roots to that emotion. Some prompting questions can be: have I had enough time with myself, with others, with family? What are my insecurities? What qualities do I have that make me like-able? What are the things that I like the least about myself that I can change? Have I been honest in my relationships? Am I being authentic? Do I need to forgive myself or others in order to move on? Comment below as how you work with your vulnerable side. Blessings from the Centred Being