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5 ways to use sun energy to bring forward your potential


For people living in the northern hemisphere where cold and darkness seem to last for a very long time, the lengthening of daylight hours is always a reason to feel joyful. Renewed vitality, renewed freshness, the sky seems more blue and clear.  It may still be cold and it is still January - but the sun holds a promise of completion of the dormancy of nature to rebirth into freshness and new creations.  Winter is an important time for rest, regeneration and nurturance of potential seeds of growth however we know that spring is coming.   So how do we help this rebirthing process along?  Here are some tips to help bring in sun energy - the light - to bring forward your seeds of potential.

  1. Place symbols of the sun in your immediate environment. One of most important symbols is the candle.  Candles symbolize light in the darkness.  In a deeper way, they are the symbol of illumination.  Connection to your spiritual essence, the spirit of truth and your connection withdivinity.  The components of the candle in themselves have meaning: the wax is the symbol of humanity, the wick representing the soul and the light represents love and  divinity, the flame represents fire of the Godhead, our connection to it in all our humility as well as the mysteries of the Gods. Lighting candles were a part of prayer practice and meditation to receive illumination, vision and connection to purpose. In ancient times candles were also the source of light and heat in a shelter. Blessing your candles is also a powerful practice to help keep the light in times of  darkness which may occur in the upcoming year.  Other symbolic elements include: Bringing elements of the colour gold/yellow into your environment. This can be clothing, decor, flowers, gemstones. Incorporate the circles and curves.  Sun energy can be very masculine in many traditions. Bringing in the symbol of the circle balances with the feminine.  In Japan - the beautiful flag represents the sun.  The symbolic representation of a female deity - Amaterasu.
  2. Take time to reflect internally.  When is the last time that you allowed yourself to dream?  What is your vision? Write it down.  What do you wish to manifest and create?  Many times we are so busy we put it off. Nothing is too big of a dream, connect to the light inside of you.  With a grateful heart make a list your gifts and talents and what brings you joy.  Use this illumination to power desire.  
  3. Take action.  Make your vision into a reality.  This means setting goals.  However, the key to setting goals is actually using them as a touchstone for purposeful action.  Every moment in every day is purposeful. Choose actions that are relevant to your life and what you want to create. All steps then become meaningful, whether they are small or leaps.  Then the goal is transformed, it is not about the goal it becomes about the journey.  
  4. Respect the rhythm of nature.  What does this really mean?  It means to flow with time, take the time to rest, time to play and time to work. The rhythm of nature is represented to humanity as time. The sun rises the sun sets. Respecting the rhythm of nature creates balance within our self and will affect how we navigate life. We see this evidenced in nature.  Small imperceptible day to day changes, such as the lengthening of the daylight hours,  we may not notice from one day to the next, however we certainly can notice the difference week to week.  It is the opposite of forcing or trying to control.  When you actually trust in the most benevolent outcome instead of placing conditions or trying to control the outcomes it goes much smoother. 
  5. Repetition and practice are key, (ask any musician).  Consistency and perseverance. Repetition creates rhythm. Small purposeful steps in action from tip number three above begin to layer and create momentum. A momentum to which the outside world would see as a leaps. Using affirmations or positive statements and saying them rhythmically will help fuel your actions towards your vision. Saying affirmations help transform your thoughts.  Thoughts are things, and thoughts create your reality.  Affirmations help to penetrate into the subconscious, and to re-pattern your thinking.  This brings the potential to influence your outlook on life.  Repeat affirmations and positive statements out loud at first, then mentally. Allow the words to become absorbed into your feeling life, there they will make way into your subconscious mind.  The actions that you take in alignment to these positive statements will bring transformation to your conscious state and become a part of your integral being.

This time of year is exciting because the return of the sun heralds the energy of the spring to come - where what we vision manifests in a very quick way.  Use these suggestions on how to use sun energy to flow your potential in these upcoming months and let me know other ways that you use the sun energy to radiate and live your potential.


Michèle Marie

Awakening to Higher Consciousness

What does it mean to awaken? It is an expression to make active, to become conscious or to become aware of something. To awaken is to connect to the spiritual embryo, and spark the passion of desire in the pursuit of the development of talents as well as cultivate our potential. Awakening Mist carries the intention to connect with Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of the sun. In one version of the Japanese mythology, Amaterasu retreated into a cave following a dispute with her brother. The world was cast in darkness and evil spirits ran riot over the earth. The gods all tried to persuade Amaterasu to leave the cave but to no avail. It was only when the gods set roosters outside the cave and made much music that she peaked out with curiosity. The gods had also decorated the surrounding trees with jewels and a mirror. Upon opening the blocked cave just enough to see what all the celebrations were about, she was blinded by her own radiance and beauty in the mirror. That is when she had an awakening, the realization that the greatest gift that she could give humanity in order to relieve suffering and darkness would be to bestow a light within the heart. A light which has the ability to radiate its brilliance and to flow with life. Empowering all to be like the one who makes the heavens shine! So how does one nurture their inner light and live full potential? How does one awaken consciousness? Creative exercise is an excellent tool to deepen one’s connection to the soul. It is not about being an artist, it is about empowerment. It is not about creating a work of art, it is about expressing oneself. It is about carving a space in which you give yourself time to work through an emotion, or a suffering in order to shift your perspective and see the opportunity in which to learn and expand awareness. Using Amaterasu - Awakening mist serves as a bridge from the emotional body to the creativity centre (or the second chakra), as well as creating the link from the creativity centre to the mental body via the passage of the heart.