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4 steps in making Affirmations work for you

How to manifest your full potential with these beautiful statements. Affirmations are positive statements that serve to bridge a physical reality and experience with the activity and consciousness of the higher mind.  The expression of an affirmation activates processes within the field of consciousness of the mind which will then initiate connection with a larger field of soul consciousness.  Affirmations have a powerful impact in strengthening your ability to manifest positive change within yourself which will ultimately lead to change within humanity. The key to their success is your willingness to believe in the new idea expressed in the affirmation.   First step:  When reading a new affirmation, just sit with it.  Let your body feel it.  Is there an emotion attached to it?  The emotion is the key.  Does it fill you with joy? anxiety? sadness?  Where in your body do you feel the emotion?  When the emotion is what we judge as positive, then we can feel expanded, joyful and inspired.  That is what we would like.  What do we do when the emotion is less than positive?  That is not necessarily a bad thing, it means that we have some personal work to do.  Identify the root behind the feeling and transform the belief behind that root.  Common beliefs are “I am alone” “I am unworthy” “I am not loved”. Look at these beliefs and realize that they are self judgements.  Second step:  Look at your list of self judgements and re-write them in a positive present tense statement. Use these new statements as steps to connecting with the energy of the affirmations that made you feel “negative” in the above step.  The more you repeat your new statement followed by the given affirmation the more you will consciously connect to a higher “positive” feeling.  (more information on changing limited beliefs are taught in the workshop - Building the Luminous Body) Thirdly: Find a consistent time of the day to say your affirmations.  Ideally as part of spiritual practice such as journaling or after meditation.  This creates mindfulness. In fact, re-writing these positive statements followed by the affirmation as part of a gratitude journal at the end of the day, sets intention for restful sleep - which of course will lead to a great start for a positive life experience the next day. Fourth step: Practice anchoring the affirmation with your breath.  This means to focus on the part of the body that felt uncomfortable and focus the breath and sound of your words into that spot.  Ideally take the time to focus on positive feelings.  For example if you felt your heart expand or if you have a memory of joy, lift that joy into your heart space and breathe the words of the affirmation there.  Remember the universe breathes, we breathe.  The universe has rhythm and so do we.  Know that the flow of breath helps transform the energy between the two poles of opposites. For as much as we can connect to discomfort - we can connect to ease and joy. Using your breath helps to focus the energy on what we want to create - in this case feelings of positivity when saying your affirmation. The mindful repetition of affirmations helps to re-wire the unconscious mind for better acceptance of new unlimited beliefs.  They create higher vibrations for the manifestation of joy, gratitude and abundance.  Limiting beliefs can be locked up in the body eventually causing pain and disease.  Connecting to the emotion behind the belief can be felt in the body and an affirmation directed consciously to an acupuncture point can be used to unblock that emotion - allowing it flow and heal.   For affirmations specifically written for the body please check out my latest book available through amazon and chapters/indigo  Affirmations for Purposeful Living - Manifesting Health, Wholeness and Joy.