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How to create your Winter solstice ceremony December 21

There is something joyful and beautiful about this time of the year.  The stillness in the darkness, the peace and the calm.  A beautiful time for self reflection, completions and intention setting.  Nature speaks to us in beautiful ways.  Winter Solstice is about "Awakening the Magician"  - it is to slow down, allow deeper meditations, connection with intuition, formulation of ideas and dream work.  Early alchemists knew that illumination of wisdom and manifestation of magic was directly related to sun and moon energies, cycles in nature, union of the masculine and feminine energies as well as the union of the subconscious and conscious. This is the time of year to connect with the strength of the feminine energies - the energy which connects to the primordial waters of creation and source.  The energy of the potential of our Essence. The prelude to the creative action of Spring. The intention of the ritual of winter solstice is to stimulate dream activity, provide deeper connection to the spirit and cycles of nature, regenerate the body for self healing and to enhance intuition and creativity. Here are some suggestions for creating your own honouring of the Solstice this year. Preparation for the day:  Take the time to reflect on what you need to release from the 2019 year.  This can be done through journaling, speaking with a very good friend or even a pet.  Ideally, have a piece of paper to write down things that you are wishing to release. Go for a walk outdoors, bring with you the paper and some matches and head over to a park with a burning pit. When you find the perfect spot - give gratitude for the day and for the year.  Allow yourself to see these experiences in the light of non judgment.  Observe them as part of your evolution.  When you are ready to release, set the intention of gratitude and of letting go that which no longer serves you.  Light the paper on fire.  Allow the ashes to burn out. When you are ready, go for a walk and focus on all the beauty that you see.  Make a mental list and start dreaming of what you want to see, create and manifest for yourself in the coming months. Preparation for the evening meditation practice: Find a spot and time where you will be undisturbed. Light a white candle. (harmonic-medicine Archangel Gabriel candle is perfect for this ritual).  Place a white or red rose in a vase in front of you. You could also substitute a Christmas floral arrangement with pine.  Set the intention as mentioned above asking for the assistance of Archangel Gabriel. ( Archangel Gabriel works directly with the energies of winter solstice.) Meditation: Focus on the light of the flame. Close your eyes and remember how the flame looked.  Imagine the flame within your heart and solar plexus area of you body.  Visualize this flame within you - allowing it to gently expand and contract with the rhythm of your breath. Become the flame of light, allowing the soft glow of radiance to encompass your being.  Through the top of your head, visualize a beam of light moving upwards into the night sky.  Allow your consciousness to travel up this beam of light and feel the expanse of the darkness.  Focus your attention on a single star shimmering in the distance and float towards it.  Sit in the heart of the star, enjoy the energy and notice your surroundings.  It is a familiar place of long ago, a place of peace and contentment.  Sit in the feeling of it.  Notice with your inner vision that you are holding a rose. Observe the rose unfold petal by petal.  As each petal unfolds, golden light beams out - a brilliant light that engulfs your entire being - joining with the beautiful light of the flame within you. Light surrounds and fills and you feel yourself being cleansed.  Your mind fills with clarity and illumination.  Allow this energy to heal and nurture you. This is the temple of Archangel Gabriel, allow yourself to receive the touch of Gabriel's blessing upon your crown.  Feel the love that pours through you, overflowing into your heart. Sit in this healing energy until you know that you have received your fill. When it is time to leave this space, draw your attention inwards to the flame of light within your heart and solar plexus area.  Breathe deeply, each inhale drawing the light deeper into the physical body and each exhale anchoring the light into the earth through your feet.  When you feel that you are completely in the awareness of your body and physical environment, open your eyes. Follow through: Take the time to write down any messages/impressions that you receive. Keep the intention to receive the continual flow of healing energy for regeneration to actualize and connect to the potential of your essence. Allow this to incubate and start the practice of early morning stream of consciousness writing to capture the messages of your night time journeys. Enjoy the experience of the ritual and if you have other ways to celebrate winter solstice please comment below! Many blessings for a beautiful upcoming year.

What is Self Healing

What is self healing? It is generally considered that self healing is a phrase applied to the process of recovery that is motivated, initiated and directed by the self. The value of self healing lies in the ability of the individual to access health giving forces within the body as well as to make choices that lead to wellness and wholeness. It takes inner responsibility and motivation as well as information and knowledge. It takes a willingness to learn and grow. It takes a belief that one has the capacity to be well. The process of self healing can be accelerated with techniques of introspection such as meditation, journaling and art as well as active application of vibrational healing and sound. Through active application of sound, the following effects have been noticed:
  1. Stress reduction
  2. Reduction in muscle tension, which usually compliments stress reduction.
  3. Improved sleep, which allows the body to regenerate.
  4. Improvements in emotional conditions such as depression, anger or anxiety - leading to feelings of     being more centred, grounded and balanced.
  5. Improvement in mental clarity
Generally speaking, sound has a way of harmonizing the body to wholeness through the qualities of resonance and vibration. As with all techniques, trust is a key factor. Trust that the body knows how to heal itself and is constantly working on balancing itself. (sneezing, yawning are just a few examples) Trust that the body is communicating with you and telling you what it needs. (More rest? more movement? more water? more/less food?) Honour the body’s wisdom when it is communicating with you. Embrace gratitude as a way of life. Everyday thanking the body for it’s vitality. Focus on what it can do instead of lamenting what it can no longer do. Thank your body for growing stronger and stronger each day. Learn how to incorporate healing sounds for your body and participate in our wellness programs.