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Strategies for increasing self care and nurturance

July 24th is International Self Care day. What does this mean?  It is a day that reminds us about the importance of self nurturance.  A day to reflect upon and include a sacred practice that honours the Self, practices that become an integral part of your lifestyle which contributes to your well-being. Looking to increase your self care?  Self care is an ongoing process, a process that should be cultivated within each day.  A process that helps create calm and resilience as well as revitalizes your energy. Here are some ideas to that are all about taking time away from your day-to-day responsibilities in order to replenish your heart, soul, body and spirit —so that you can release stress and navigate your day with more joy.   1. Move your body. Why? Movement is medicine, it is one of the most effective tools for stress reduction. Physical movement boosts endorphins, a hormone that helps create a positive feeling in the body. Whether it’s dancing, kicking a ball around, running or biking. Find something that you like and just get moving!   2. Breathe!  This seems to simple, however if meditation seems challenging or if you are feeling a lack of time then focus on your breathing. Breathing with this focus creates a direct pathway to the heart.  After all the lungs cradle the heart.  With focused breath you can lower your heart rate and blood pressure as well as calm anxiety. Practice breath work - lengthening the exhale for a few minutes a day when in non stressful situations and trust that your body will know what to do when in a stressful situation.   3. Do not underestimate the value of a short nap or a visit to the nearest green space to just hang out in nature.  The benefits of either is that it gives your brain a chance to have repose.    4. Think positive thoughts.  When life is presenting lemons, try to get on the flip side of what is happening and make lemonade.  In other words, there are always creative solutions - enlist the help of a trusted friend if necessary - however know that talking it out with yourself and/or writing helps change perspective on the situation. Thinking positively helps recuperate from bad situations.  Affirmations such as those in my book Affirmations for Purposeful Living help to reinforce positive thinking.   5.  Unplug from your technology. Your phone can suck a lot of time and energy out of you. Having to deal with email and social media, is very demanding on your time and energy.   6.  Reduce your caffeine and sugar intake.  Caffeine and sugar can make the body feel constantly “on” and harder to relax, thereby creating a vicious cycle.  Ideally start to increase water intake.   7. Sit in silence. We live in a world where we are bombarded with extraneous noise.  Not to mention the noise in your head! Allow yourself to quiet the mind and to sit in silence and appreciate the peace of the moment.   8. Write a gratitude list throughout the day and review it before going to sleep.  You will soon notice that your mornings will be more joyful and your days will feel more centred.   9. Spend time with friends.  Social interaction with laughter is medicine for the soul.   10.  Spend time with self, take yourself on a playdate for at least a few hours a week.  A date without technology but just being in the present moment doing something enjoyable.  It can be a bath, it can be a good book or gardening.  We make playdates for our kids, or we had them when we were kids.  Now is the time to make them with ourselves.   These are just a few ideas.  Let me know in the comments below what you do to enhance your self care and nurturance. 

Awakening to Higher Consciousness

What does it mean to awaken? It is an expression to make active, to become conscious or to become aware of something. To awaken is to connect to the spiritual embryo, and spark the passion of desire in the pursuit of the development of talents as well as cultivate our potential. Awakening Mist carries the intention to connect with Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of the sun. In one version of the Japanese mythology, Amaterasu retreated into a cave following a dispute with her brother. The world was cast in darkness and evil spirits ran riot over the earth. The gods all tried to persuade Amaterasu to leave the cave but to no avail. It was only when the gods set roosters outside the cave and made much music that she peaked out with curiosity. The gods had also decorated the surrounding trees with jewels and a mirror. Upon opening the blocked cave just enough to see what all the celebrations were about, she was blinded by her own radiance and beauty in the mirror. That is when she had an awakening, the realization that the greatest gift that she could give humanity in order to relieve suffering and darkness would be to bestow a light within the heart. A light which has the ability to radiate its brilliance and to flow with life. Empowering all to be like the one who makes the heavens shine! So how does one nurture their inner light and live full potential? How does one awaken consciousness? Creative exercise is an excellent tool to deepen one’s connection to the soul. It is not about being an artist, it is about empowerment. It is not about creating a work of art, it is about expressing oneself. It is about carving a space in which you give yourself time to work through an emotion, or a suffering in order to shift your perspective and see the opportunity in which to learn and expand awareness. Using Amaterasu - Awakening mist serves as a bridge from the emotional body to the creativity centre (or the second chakra), as well as creating the link from the creativity centre to the mental body via the passage of the heart.

Full moon in Cancer January 2017

The energies of full moon in January 2017 will bring forward qualities of the Cancer sign. While this is most beneficial for those who are born in this zodiacal sign, it can feel like an emotional roller coaster for those who are not. The Cancer sign at its best is ultimate feminine energy. Feminine energy as represented by the goddess Isis. An energy that is receptive, sensitive, imaginative, kind and highly intuitive. Feminine energy can be seen as the seed of unlimited potential just waiting for the masculine energy to spark the seed into full manifestation. It is the source of creativity. The potential of all that will rebirth. The language of a Cancer moon is expressed with “I Feel”. In this full moon, there will be a large push to “Feel”. The energy of this moon in Cancer can be intense and as such can greatly influence the uncovering of hard to look at emotions and truths. One can feel more vulnerable and exposed. Emotions and truths which have been deeply and darkly hidden, will seem to rise to the surface and be poked by those around you. Have courage, for the once emotions are honestly dealt with, the power of this full moon gives you tools to embrace truth which will allow you to accept, heal and rebirth. So how does one stay in balance when there is such powerful energy swirling about? Here are a few suggestions: Using essential oils such as those found in our vibrational healing products such as Courage (Horus) and Rebirth (Isis). Receiving body work such as Soundtouch therapy. Listening to some beautiful music while drawing, colouring or painting. Writing out a gratitude list and adding to it daily. Journaling. If you do not know how or where to start with a journal, start with “how do I feel today?” Explore the emotion. Then explore some of the roots to that emotion. Some prompting questions can be: have I had enough time with myself, with others, with family? What are my insecurities? What qualities do I have that make me like-able? What are the things that I like the least about myself that I can change? Have I been honest in my relationships? Am I being authentic? Do I need to forgive myself or others in order to move on? Comment below as how you work with your vulnerable side. Blessings from the Centred Being

Being in centre and balance with our New Year goals

January -  a great month to start things that are new and inspiring.  Whether it is goal setting for a healthier lifestyle,  relationship with self and/or with others, career or creativity projects,  remember that the driving force behind the success of these goals are your individual passion, motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration.  Ask yourself questions that address the concerns that you have and the changes that you think that you can make.  Do your goals truly reflect what you want for yourself, or are they reflections of what others expect or want? Once that your goals are identified the next step is to ensure that you keep things in balance. So through the process, how does one stay balanced and in centre?  Being centred means having a reference point, a place to come back to when life and emotions and stress push you off balance. Being ‘centred’ is about finding the perfect point of balance. It is from this perfect point of balance that allows us to observe the action around us and stay detached from the chaos of it all.  The blend of essential oils in our vibrational healing mists work synergistically with the whole body system to create a space for balance, enhancing the small changes that you are already trying to incorporate in your life.   What is it that you do to stay in balance? Regardless of what it is that we observe in our own behaviours and lifestyles, it is usually the little changes that can make the most impact.  The little changes become the goal and as we realize our success in being consistent, our resolutions are strengthened from within and much easier to maintain throughout the year. So thought for the day....how do you get in centre? How do you stay in balance? How does this practice help you commit to your goals? The winter months are a time for inner reflection and building the fires of potential that will burst into busy activity of springtime. Now is the time of building inner stores of vital life energy. Explore what brings you joy and connect to your individual vision. It is this vision which will fuel your desire and passion. Then the steps on the path fall more easily. With consistency you can nurture your dreams and you will see that the goals are achieved with seemingly little effort. Vision unfolds exactly as it supposed to in the time that it takes to connect with purpose. The Centred Being  

Embrace the Light of Oneness

The Divine Concept of Oneness is about the realization that ALL is MIND, and that the universe exists within a field of pure Energy and Light. This all embracing consciousness exists in every aspect of our physical reality: the plants, minerals, animals - everything that is created. The Oneness concept sustains the creative force found within All. Other traditions may call this life force energy of consciousness Ch’i, Prana or Golden Liquid Light. It is a beautiful field of energy that we embrace each time we silence an active mind through the awareness of breath. We begin to see the network and inter-relationships of all things. We see the beauty in all that surrounds us. We come to realize the situations presented to us, are opportunities for growth. We will behave in a non-reactive centred way. We express gratitude with more ease and by doing so, we become joy-filled. By embracing the Oneness Concept, our mind becomes aware of how to align with the perfect codes of creation and manifestation. We understand the tools of positive thought, visualizations and proper use of language. The strength to actualize these codes of creativity is amplified by our ability to remain in balance, calm and peace in all our interactions and situations. It becomes the path of joy to see the light and beauty of the Divine in all. Soul and Body are woven together with spirit to express life in physicality. Separation is illusion. Light filled consciousness is subtle, and yet one must understand this subtlety in order understand how light works to influence the creative process of manifestation. This is flow, this is Light filled, this is joy. This is the journey of co-creation through the Light of Oneness. The harmonic blend Vibrational Healing mist "Light" helps us to dissolve the illusion of separation, amplify our ability to connect with the joy of creativity in order to be truly empowered to co-create and manifest a conscious filled life. _The Centred Being