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The artworks showcase hardwoods of Alberta.

Woods that many people are surprised to learn that these trees grow right here! Trees like Burr oak, Siberian elm, Amur Cherry, Russian olive and many others.

Today, Lambert brings his love of nature into a unique focus through carvings, Wood art, Stone art and Metal art.

Each element of wood, mineral and pure metal have amazing properties and qualities that heal, inspire and uplift. Each piece is a vessel and a vessel is used for containing or holding something valuable or sacred. The vessels which Lambert creates are infused for holding creative purpose.

In all artworks, it is the wood that inspires the design. Lambert takes special care to finish each piece with natural oils and finishes that highlight the natural wood grain and colour.

Sacred Art Gallery – New Additions

Leaf Carvings

Wood Art

Stone Art

Copper and Silver Art

Sacred Art Gallery – New Additions

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Sacred Art Gallery

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