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Lambert has been creating carvings and sculptures since his early teens. His love for carving and creating using the elements of nature developed intuitively, growing organically to incorporate stone and crystals as well as the pure and noble metals into his wood designs. Art is Sacred when the art piece is valued as an object that is imbued with spiritual intent to connect with one’s Soul or Higher Self. The art pieces created by Lambert are created with the innate presence of spirit that guides the creative process of connecting with the Sacredness of life.

The artworks are meant to showcase hardwoods of Alberta, such as the fruit trees: Apple, Cherry, Pear and Saskatoon. The pieces are functional as well as decorative. In all the artworks, it is the wood that dictates the form of the finished product. Lambert takes special care to finish his pieces in the natural wood grain and colour in order to keep the unique beauty, richness, warmth and wholeness of the living tree as found in nature.

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