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The energy of the candle is that of Archangel Camaël.  Camaël’s name means “One who sees/stands before God”  This is the Archangel of Strength.  The counterpart of Archangel Michael who is the protector of all humanity, Archangel Camaël helps us draw on our inner strength that which comes from the Inner Self  in its infinite wisdom of Being. Camaël reminds us that we are always connected to the forces of Light. Stability and centre, alignment to eternal truths that keep us on the path.  This is the internal force of the Spiritual Warrior:  A force which honours the sanctity of light and life.  Archangel Camaël guards and protects the spiritual flow of energy from Source to our physicality.  Working closely with the First Ray and Archangel Michael to assist our forces of will to stay in alignment with Divine Will.  Qualities that develop through Archangel Camaël are: Awareness, Enlightenment, Discipline, Integrity and Alignment to Purity of Motivation.

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