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Level 3 introduces the practitioner to the frequencies of the solar system, how they work musically in harmony and dissonance to create optimum health. Harmonic intervals will be explored as to their musical  function as well as practical application to the body.  There will be a deeper exploration of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels.  Participants will gain a deeper understanding of sound principles and receive guidance in the creation of supportive harmonic structures.  This class will be delivered partly via zoom as well as in person at 27A Rowland Crescent.
This level has also a scheduled practicum component!:

Tuning fork purchases are separate from the course fee.

Level 3-1 This module includes the vibrational frequencies of the Earth sidereal rotation (Earth Day) Sun, moons (sinodic and sidereal) the platonic year cycle, as well as the presence of Chiron.  Deep exploration of the Divine Feminine Matrix and Divine Masculine Director Extraordinary Vessels
Dates: TBA

Fee:  $350 plus GST  Forks available for purchase


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