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In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of Classical Chinese Medicine and its integration with harmonic rhythms of the body as a whole to create wellbeing.
It is here that we will interact with the Energy Release Channels and Energy Release Points in order to re-connect to a healing system designed to return us to living in harmony with nature and the essence of being fully human. This course is a continuation for those who are interested in deepening their awareness of the body’s ability to self heal through the restoration of balance. Experiences will include basic food healing strategies, Qi Gong, meditation and sound.  This course  is delivered in two segments via zoom  followed by in-person.

Course Fee: $500 plus GST * Payment plan available.

Date: TBA via zoom  6:00-9:00 pm MST

In person: TBA

*Book Spiritual Portraits of the Energy Release Points is required

Pre-requisite:  Soundtouch Level 1

To register: mgcreate@gmail.com or telephone: 780-964-2738

Questions and/or special arrangements for distance learning  contact Michele Marie Gervais.


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