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Soundtouch: Sound for Self Healing!

This class is all about YOU! Soundtouch provides a great opportunity to learn how to use tools, such as your voice, tuning forks, qi gong, breath work and meditation to re-harmonize, strengthen & stabilize your own body systems. 

  • Learn techniques to balance out pain, reduce stress and strengthen the immune system
  • The main focus will be on restoring energetic pathways through connection and understanding the use of  acupuncture points and the extraordinary vessels * for optimal wellness.
  • Each participant will also receive a personalized one-on-one healing protocol and learn applications to assist with common ailments & additional immune support.
  • Discover the benefits of sound to balance out pain, reduce stress and find harmony within and tune to the frequency of Well-being.
  • *Tuning forks will be available for use with option to purchase.

This Course provides CEU for CAAA and NHPC.

Course Fee: $275 plus gst*

*Tuning forks available for purchase at this course for an additional fee of $200 plus GST

Course dates: May 24,  6:30 – 9:30pm Mountain Standard Time)

May 25, 26  10:00 am – 6:00 pm Mountain Standard Time



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