“Protection” soap


Use this Archangel Michael soap for added protection and strength.

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Allow the wings of Archangel Michael to enfold you in a loving embrace of strength and protection.  This soap is highly moisturizing creating a strong barrier of defence to drying climactic conditions.
Each bar is handmade with vegetable soap bases  to provide for a natural feel that releases the scents and harmonic vibrations of the Essential oils.  Rich and moisturizing, these soaps truly create a mystical and healing experience.
Each bar weighs approximately 125 grams.
Soap benefits and ingredients

• Highly moisturizing formula 
• No artificial colors added 
• No animal testing 
• 100% Vegetable base 

• Proprietary blend of organic essential oils (allergies? information of blend available upon request)

Soap base formula ingredients:
coconut oil
palm oil
purified water
sodium hydroxide (saponifying agent)
propylene glycol (made from vegetable glycerine)
sorbitan oleate (emulsifier)
oat protein (gluten free)