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Welcome to the ancient secrets of facial rejuvenation – a holistic approach to youth and well-being.  This introductory workshop will explore the fundamentals of skin and how it reflects what is going on in the body. Topics will include:

the philosophy of Chinese medicine as pertains to signs on the skin and the organ relation.

skin types, with all its wrinkles and spots.

basic skin nutrition

the benefits of a “needle free facelift” using tuning forks and/acupressure.

Benefits of lymphatic drainage via dry brushing for overall health of the body.

Participants are to wear a clean naked face and comfortable clothes. Please bring your tuning forks from Level 1 Sound for Self Healing workshop.

Fee:  $175 plus gst

Date: TBA

Time:  10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Register by TBA

To register please contact 780-964-2738 or mgcreate@gmail.com


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