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Restore and renew your natural vitality and zest for life with a bath of Energize!  The essential oil blend in these salts specifically help regenerate the sacral chakra, strengthen the kidneys – your vital battery and source of energy, as well as invigorate the senses for a renewal of motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm after a long day. A bath in the evening helps in the restoration of the body systems while you sleep. Or if you prefer to start the day with a bath, your natural vital energy will be renewed throughout the day.

6 bath bombs per package

Bath Bombs: citric acid, baking soda, essential oil blend*

*denotes organic. Non-gmo

Additional information

Yellow bath bomb - (I AM PEACE)

Lord Lanto. Lord Lanto/Archangel Jophiel represent Illumination, Wisdom, Peace. These bath bombs have oils that help bring peace. They are calming, joyful and uplifting. When the mind is calm, it is easier to hear inspiration, find understanding and shift into a different and more joyful perspective and feel peace.

Key healing words: Omniscience, understanding through love, perception, perspective, comprehension.


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