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Calm Jar Candle



This candle connects us to the strength of the new Divine Masculine as embodied by St. Anthony for most benevolent outcomes.

St. Anthony embodies the energy of calm within the centre of the Divine Masculine. Through this calm, St. Anthony exemplifies the living action of the gifted communicator, the voice for the poor and the retriever of that which is lost.  Through his loving assistance one can develop 14 divine virtues: faith, hope, charity, devotion, wisdom, justice, patience, forgiveness, humility, purity, reverence, mastery, prayer and union with Divinity.  A gifted communicator, a voice for the poor and the retriever of that which is lost.  Light this candle for balance and centre in times of stress as well as when focusing on most benevolent outcomes in world events and new expressions of creation for the highest good of all of humanity.

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Jar Candle, Tea Light, Votive


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