Ascended Master Mother Mary “Divine Grace” mist

Ascended Master Mother Mary “Divine Grace” mist


Use this mist for connection to the Divine Feminine Principle and the qualities of forgiveness, mercy and grace.  This mist also supports issues related to children, adoption, fertility.

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Mary, Mother of Jesus, has also been called “the Queen of the Angels.” She works with the Archangels to bring miracles to humanity. She partners with Archangel Raphael to bring grace with healing. She is one of the most loving, patient, and kind of the ascended masters. Mary will assist anyone whose life purpose involves helping children and whose intentions are benevolent towards children. Invoke Mother Mary for issues related to children, adoption, fertility as well as for Mercy and Grace.

Directions for the use of Divine Grace – Ascended Master Mother Mary Mist

Shake bottle to blend the oils. Activate the vibration of the mist by slapping the bottle into the palm of your other hand while invoking the name: Ascended Master Mother Mary. Spray the mist above your head and around your body into your aura. You can also spray the mist anywhere in your living space such as your car, your home and office.