Ascended Master Hathor “Harmony” mist


Ascended Master Hathor “Harmony” mist

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Harmony mist activates “Sacred Tones” for healing the physical, mental and emotional self.  It further assists in stretching time in order to flow productivity with ease and grace while keeping fully present in the now moment.



The Hathors are a group of interdimensional beings who were connected to Ancient Egypt through the goddess Hathor. Hathors resonate on the vibration of Love and through their sacred tones create a new dream reality for Earth and humanity. Sacred tones hold the frequencies of love, joy and harmony; which heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Use Hathor to connect to higher vibrational energies of love, joy and harmony in order to assist in your evolution of consciousness of your personal ascension process.

Directions for the use of Harmony – Ascended Master Hathor Mist

Shake bottle to blend the oils. Activate the vibration of the mist by slapping the bottle into the palm of your other hand while invoking a sound or the name Hathor. Spray the mist above your head and around your body into your aura. You can also spray the mist anywhere in your living space such as your car, your home and office.