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  • Ancient Egyptian God Horus “Courage”

    Horus was one of the most ancient gods in the ancient Egyptian civilization. He was often depicted as a falcon, or in a human form with the head of a falcon. Horus was the Egyptian solar god and protector of the monarchy who symbolized courage and victory. The sun and the moon were said to be his eyes and the image of the “Eye of Horus” became a powerful amulet among the ancient Egyptians. It symbolized royal power, thereby providing access to innate divinity and sovereignty as well as providing magical protection and good health. It also has the power to heal the living and protect those who have passed. The “Eye of Horus” is all seeing and all knowing. It can cut through illusions, see that which is hidden and disguised. “Courage” is especially beneficial during times of upheaval, chaos, and transitional shifts. It takes great courage to see things as they truly are and great courage to delve into transformational inner work.

  • Ascended Master C-Diamond “Love”

    C-Diamond -Love connects us to our true birthright as a child of the Divine and reminds us that we are an expression of the God-force. Using this essential blend magnetizes this illuminated consciousness to our whole body system and grounds Spirit into the Earth, thereby bringing Heaven to Earth. This energy is a return to the One-ness. It is the Ascension where we regain our Divine Inheritance and experience our true relationship with the I AM Presence. C-Diamond Love accesses the pattern of perfection which exists as potential in every cell of our Be-ing, as well as being a living example of treating others through love and service.