Healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies
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Product Descriptions

Healing Mists (4oz or 2oz)

Shake bottle to blend the oils. Activate the vibration of the mist by slapping the bottle into the palm of your other hand.

Spray the mist above your head and around your body into your aura. You can also spray the mist anywhere in your living space such as your car, your home and office.

** New
Mini-mists (2oz) are now available as well as the regular size mists (4oz)


Each bar is handmade with Goat's milk soap base (translucent) to provide for a natural feel that releases the scents and harmonic vibrations of the Essential oils. Rich and moisturizing, these soaps truly create a mystical and healing experience. Each bar weighs approximately 125 grams.


All of our candles are made with 100% non-GMO Eco-Soy and essential oil blends.

Candle Jar


Tea Light

Bath Salts

Create a home spa environment with our special blend of organic himalayan and sea salt bath salts. All of our bath salt packages are blended with organic essential oils. Add a harmonic blend essential oil candle for an enhanced spa experience.

Bath Salts Combo

You get the same high quality bath salts with an affirmation and a prayer bead.


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