6 Keys for Manifestation

6 Keys for Manifestation

Manifestation is a forgotten art form.  We talk about positive intention and what we would like to see in our near future, however the art is to actually bring about these visions into physical reality.  This article will give some suggestions of what you can do to bring your desire into your life.

  1. Prayer  What is prayer?  Prayer is communication with your inner divinity.  As you know, you are a microcosm of the macrocosm.  Therefore to understand what it is that you truly desire and wish to create – you must connect to your inner divinity.  Connecting to the divinity within,  connects you to the Divinity of the macrocosm.  Through prayer we align to Divine Will, and from here we encounter power.  The power of desire, the power of words, the power of emotions.  Connection to what brings us joy, what brings us healing.   The first key of manifestation is to ignite the power of desire within us – to feel the emotion of it.  This first action builds the bridge of trust in the success of the Divine plan.  
  1. Visualization  Spend time everyday visualizing what you desire as if it has already materialized.  What does this really mean?  It means noticing the abundance around you, the beauty that surrounds you, the laughter you hear.  It means being fully present and engaged in the world around you.  Like children, they play all the time, they imagine – they are princesses, super heroes, astronauts…..they play.  So as you visualize – think of the joy and playfulness in the abundance.  Soak it up in your eyes and all of your senses… the smells, the touch, how things feel on your skin.  Experience the world through the eyes of the child.
  1. Gratitude  Do not underestimate the power of gratitude.  Gratefulness for a bill – because you had hot water.  Grateful for the little things.  Why is this important?  Gratitude helps negate the energy of longing.  Longing means that something is missing from you life.  Longing blocks you from receiving because it is feeding the energy of lack.  Gratitude also neutralizes and releases the energy of fear.  Imagine and visualize that you are able to receive a bill free from fear, connecting to the emotional energy of being financially sound.
  1. Intention  This is where positive affirmations are truly helpful.  If your intention is to be healthy, vital and strong.  Then say “I am healthy, I strengthen my vitality every day”  Intention is always connected to an action.  Therefore, if using the above affirmation as an example, then your actions will be more in alignment with the affirmation.  You may choose foods which make your body feel healthy, you may sign up for a gym class that strengthens your cardio or increases your flexibility. You may simply make one step as simple as going to bed a little earlier.   Affirmations help you live your intentions, firstly they help connect to an emotion of joy in your heart.  If you do not feel an emotion at first, do not worry, connect to step 2 above, visualize, feel and play. The experience might be smooth and pleasant, or exhilarating and exciting. You will notice that your motivation and joy soar. Link your intentions with  emotions of  joy and gratitude to fuel the creation process.
  1. Repetition  Repetition is the action of constantly bringing an action, thought or emotion into conscious awareness  It serves to re-pattern the brain.  The creation of new neural pathways, with affirmations of wellbeing, happiness and joy.  Repetition allows for the creation of new habits and new ways of thinking and allowing them to solidify in action and reality.  
  1. Ask for the most benevolent outcome  This is a lesson of trust.  Know that you are supported when desire, will, purposeful present engagement  in life are in alignment. Learn to let go of the specific outcome, allowing that something even better than what you imagined will be experienced.

Remember this, when you desperately want something, you concentrate on the fact that you do not have what you want. You put your emotional energy into the experience of deficiency. As any command sent to the universe manifests what you are focusing upon, even more lack turns up in your life.  Using the above tools can help transform your thinking, your actions and ultimately your life into the amazing life that you are meant to live.  

Blessings for a wonderful week!

Michèle Marie

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